Wedding budget: principles of competent planning

The wedding budget is the basis of your celebration, which is why it is so important to take into account all, even the most insignificant, expenses in it. Use the wedding budget worksheet . And you will calmly prepare for an important event without being distracted by a material issue.

Banquet - 40%

By choosing a venue for the ceremony and a restaurant in one place, you will save precious time on the wedding day, and also avoid additional expenses for the transfer to the banquet. Prefer a room with a stylish interior - so you will need a minimum of decor for the wedding. We recommend that you find out the range of drinks by experimentally learning about the preferences of your guests using the wedding budget tracker.

Wedding show - 15%

The mood of your holiday and each guest directly depends on the choice of the host and the compiled program. In addition, in preparation, it is necessary to discuss all the details:

  • what jokes are best avoided,
  • from which of the invitees should not be expected to be active,
  • and determine the optimal number of numbers.

Also, this financial planning point includes the performance of musical groups and dance groups, which will fill the celebration with special charisma.

Floristics and decor - 10%

While doing the floral design of the wedding, focus on seasonal plants, thus it will be possible to perfectly save wedding budget sheet. Remember that it is important to withstand the basic concept, and not shock guests with the number of compositions.

Photo and video shooting - 10%

Savings in this matter are unacceptable if you want to get a quality product. The only way to minimize costs is to turn to novice and talented specialists, but be extremely careful.

Technical equipment of the wedding - 10%

The musical accompaniment of the wedding and the design of the room in light are integral components of a good organization. Sometimes the host works in tandem with a DJ, in which case you do not have to solve this issue separately. Include this item in the wedding budget percentage breakdown.

Wedding organizers - 10%

Overestimating the importance of the manager at the wedding is quite difficult. Clients pay for the work of some organizers as a percentage of the wedding budget (10-15%), others set a certain fee for their services.

Transport and unexpected spending - 5%

It is desirable to provide a financial airbag in order to remain calm even in times of unforeseen expenses.

Images of the groom and bride

Wedding rings, groom costume, hairstyle, makeup and bride dress. Professionals advise to plan this item of expenses separately from the general budget, since the range of prices for services in this direction is quite large.

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